Memorable Tour prioritizes knowledge of culture and history of each country visited by our clients. We select the most professional and knowledgeable guides to submerse our clients in the beauty of each county.

About Memorable Tour

The Memorable tour was founded by Hossein Memarzia who was born in Iran and left the country with his family 30 years ago looking for new opportunities in Portugal. With a dream of sharing the beauty of his native country to others, and sharing all that Portugal has to offer, Memorable Tour comes to the market as the first agency in Portugal dedicated exclusively to tourism from Iran and Portugal. With top notch service and knowledge of both Iran and Portugal, Memorable tours provides an experience never to forget.


Memorable Tour seeks the greatest and best comfort for its customers during their travels and stays.We select the best hotels and flights for our customers.

Specialized service

Memorable Tour offers its clients specialized assistance from professional tour guides from beginning to end. With vast experience in accompaniments, including fluency in English, Farsi and Portuguese.

Planning your trip

Iran, like all countries, has its customs and laws and traditions. Prior to any trip, Memorable Tour ensures a pre-trip briefing so that our customers can travel without any doubts about customs, clothing or gastronomy.

Obtaining Visa

For Memorable Tour, the comfort and safety of our customers comes first.

To avoid any problems that may inconvenience our clients when entering the country, we take care of all the bureaucracy of obtaining visas for Iran.