Sintra, Cabo de Roca and Cascais

.Pena National Palace
The Pena National Palace, located in the historic town of Sintra and inserted in the Pena Park, is one of the best expressions of the architectural Romanticism of the nineteenth century in the world. On July 7, 2007, he was elected as one of the seven wonders of Portugal, and, incidentally, the first romantic palace in Europe, built about 30 years before the charismatic Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria.
The palace and the park were designed and implemented as a whole. Palace, the visitor sees a grove of mantle that covers more than 200 hectares, thus constituting the Parque da Pena. This park has trails and scenic drives, with numerous buildings there existing gardens.

.Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of the European continent and, as he wrote Luís Vaz de Camões, the place “Where the Earth ends and the sea begins” (in the Lusíadas, Canto VIII). A standard stone with a stone mark this geographical particularity to everyone who visits this site.
Cabo da Roca, the visitor is faced with a spectacular landscape, a towering lighthouse and various infrastructures. It is also at this location which is one of the rarest plant species ‘armeria pseudoarmeria’.
. Cascais
Cascais is a seaside resort in Portugal, immediately west of Lisbon. It is known for its sandy beaches and the bustling marina. The historical center houses the Fortress of Nossa Senhora da Luz and the medieval Citadel Palace, a former royal retreat.